EDM (Email Direct Marketing)
EDM or Email Direct Marketing is an online marketing using email as a channel to promote business. To get a clear target. Its primary purpose is the advertising and public relations, promotional products, promotional services, web site, or publish the news. To prospects For submission forms EDM is a Text or Html file format only way forward is to help business owners can send a thousand other information. Simultaneously at one time And we can send a couple of times. Or at any time Thus, there are advantages in terms of optimization. Because it reduces the amount of time that should be utilized more than the other. 
The e-mail will not be accepted as it is based on several elements together. For the company, we focus on first. The database must be a data quality feedback to make it better achieve the Target. 
The EDM must have a clear goal. To reach consumers precisely The target can be divided into two groups. 
1. New Customers Do so by sending an e-mail specifically. Or email to sow This way, we do not recommend customers do. This may be caused if customers do not want to camp as a Spam mail is not the solution. Find a list of people who accepted the message in the email. May be any code Or any member 
2. Customer Send to a news release Or promotion of Email to a database of existing members. 
In order to establish a good relationship between the customer and us. The group is also targeted to help generate revenue for us in the future.