SEM (Search Engine Marketing) | SEO and PPC


Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click) is part of the ad on the search page of Google by the difference lies in that the Click into each. The cost is PPC and SEO in this section is not, what are the advantages of PPC to hit the target and the top of Google within a short period of time. This service is ideal for those just starting out.



Advantages of Google Adwords

Disadvantages of Google Adwords

  • Make  website appear in the Search Engine on the firest page very fast time. When using Adwords service

  • Web site can appear on every time customer searches

  • To have the ad campaign run, take a very short time

  • If internet users see the Google Adwords and don't click on the link, the page owner will not be charged.

  • The price of doing PPC advertising uncertain because it depends on the competition. And requires skilled personnel to manage advertising costs relatively high.

  • Charge at all times When someone clicks the link or banner. We have no control over that. Some click could be false action by error

  • The bounce back rate is higher that SEO (search engine optimiztion